The old saying goes that you can outrun the cops, but you can't outrun the radio

Some people also put in that you can't outrun a police helicopter.

But one Texas man in a stolen Dodge Challenger Hellcat proved the old adage to be a load of horse crap as he outran both

In one of the largest suburban areas in the United States, namely Houston

25-year-old Mohmed Ahmed Abu-Shlieba gave us proof that in the right hands

the Hellcat can give hell to several law enforcement agencies and outrun anything they throw at it. while doing so.

After identifying the white Hellcat as actually stolen, the Houston police began chasing it, but their slow cruisers were like kittens trying to play with a feral cat.

 According to local station ABC 13, Abu-Shlieba at one point turned and shot the officers who were waiting for him, completely humiliating law enforcement.